iOS Repos Made Easy.

Silica is a "static repo compiler" for jailbroken iOS devices developed by Shuga and supported by Ignition.

The goal behind Silica is simple: make it as easy as possible to make a personal repo that plays nicely with both Cydia and Sileo. Silica generates "static" repos, allowing for repos to be hosted on GitHub Pages for free.

Get Started
Live Demo (Shuga's Repo)


Silica is only as complicated as you need it to be. Want a simple install that just works? Create some folders in Silica's Packages folder, drop some DEBs, install the needed dependencies with a few commands, and run Silica. You'll be walked through the set-up process, from the repo's name to the package's tagline. Theme developers don't even need DEBs if they don't have them; just put the contents of the DEBs instead of an actual DEB and Silica will package it for you!

...Yet Powerful

Want to add some screenshots? Icons? A Markdown-filled tweak description? Just add some files to a silica_data folder. Want to link to a tweak's source code or add your Twitter as a support contact? Just edit a few text files. Want to change how Cydia users see your web depictions? Leverage the power of Mustache templating and edit away! Anyone who can drag-and-drop folders or edit a website can customize Silica to their heart's content.

Don't want to customize Silica? No worries: Beautiful web depictions, Sileo native depictions, package featuring, a static JSON API, and other powerful features are available without doing a thing.

Completely Free

Silica was designed to be used with GitHub Pages, allowing you to host your repo without worrying about implementing SSL or paying for hosting fees. Just host the repo via GitHub Pages and publish from the docs folder!

Silica is licensed under a modified MIT license, completely free to use, open-source, and open for contributions.


• Create an APT repo that is fully compatible with Cydia and Sileo in minutes

• Automatically package DEB files or use your own from Theos

• Add package icons, screenshots, banners, and Markdown-enriched descriptions with ease

• Customize web depictions and your repo's home page with Mustache templating

• Included template files with support for Twitter Cards, OpenGraph, tints, and a button to add generated repos in seconds

• Generate Sileo-compatible native depictions automatically

• Select packages to "feature" on your repo's home page or inside of Sileo

• Set a range of supported iOS versions and block installs on older, unsupported iOS versions

• Check package compatibility automatically (Cydia)

• Add social media and website links of package developers and repo maintainers alike in a nested depiction (Sileo)

• Deploy your repo automatically after run via Git and GitHub Pages

• Generate a changelog of your package viewable in both Sileo and Cydia

• Set per-package tint colors and set a repo-wide tint color

• Set default icons and banners for packages in your repo by category

• Add a link to a package's source code on the depiction

• Get a list of packages, repo settings, and more with a simple API

• Sign your repo's Release file with an automatically generated GPG key



Silica MIT License

Supported Operating Systems
macOS and Debian-based

Python 3